Visual Communication

Bachelor of Visual Communication


Visual Communication and Mass Media is a new and upcoming field that is gaining popularity rapidly among young job seekers. Though this field has been around for a long time, with the advent of technology and proliferation of media in the life of the common man today, this is a field that offers wide variety of job opportunities for those who are dynamic, creative and expressive.

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication (Electronic Media) is a three-year undergraduate program offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, a unit of TIPS Global Institute affiliated with Bharathiyar University.

Throughout the B.Sc Visual Communication (Electronic Media) course, students explore core subjects related to visual communication and electronic media.

This program typically spans six semesters, during which students delve into topics such as multimedia production, video editing, scriptwriting, cinematography, broadcast journalism, and more.

This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of visual storytelling and media production techniques, while also nurturing effective communication skills essential in today’s media landscape.

Strength of the Department

In the current job market, holding solely a B.Sc Visual Communication (Electronic Media) degree may not suffice. Upon completion, students are encouraged to pursue postgraduate studies in fields such as Communication, Media Studies, and Film Production. Programs like M.Sc, MA, and specialized certifications offer excellent avenues for B.Sc Visual Communication (Electronic Media) graduates.

Additionally, graduates can explore career opportunities in various sectors, including television production, film industry, advertising agencies, digital media companies, and more.

Those inclined towards immediate employment can secure junior-level positions in media production, content creation, journalism, and related fields. Moreover, opportunities exist in public sector enterprises and government departments for B.Sc Visual Communication (Electronic Media) graduates.

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