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Bachelor of Computer Science


The B.Sc. degree program in Computer Science at TIPS College of Arts and Science (TIPSCAS) enables one to work towards a career in the Information Technology space. Computer science is considered by many of its practitioners as a foundation for several applications in the industry today that enable automation. The study of computer science involves systematically studying methodical processes (such as algorithms) in order to aid the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of, and access to information to help businesses grow by eliminating human errors and enhancing productivity.

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science gives the student a strong foundation and prepares him or her for a career path in many areas of specialization. The following are the career destinations that TIPSCAS prepares its students for:

• Software Application Development
• Artificial Intelligence
• Big Data and Data Analytics
• Data Science and Business Intelligence
• Mobile Application Development
• Cyber Security

While delivering a strong foundation in Computer Science, TIPSCAS also provides students with a choice of one of the above specializations through the EBOX platform ( , who is the industry partner and value addition provider for TIPSCAS. Based on the students’ interest, commitment and performance in the specialization chosen, each student will be guided by the faculty to enhance their skill set in the EBOX platform.

Based on the specializations chosen, students will have the option to intern in organizations where they will get real world experience in their chosen area of specialization. Students will go for internships at the end of the first year and at the end of the second year. By the time they graduate, they will have enough work experience that makes them industry ready and can be deployed in the industry without any training.

Applications are open now for the B.Sc computer science program. E-Box is also offering a stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month for eligible students who take up this program.

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate program offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, a unit of TIPS Global Institute affiliated with Bharathiyar University.

Throughout the B.Sc Computer Science course, students delve into core subjects related to computer science and technology.

 This program typically spans six semesters, during which students explore topics such as programming, data structures, algorithms, database management, software engineering, and more.

This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of organizational systems and fosters strong communication skills vital in today’s professional landscape.

Strength of the Department

In the contemporary job market, merely holding a B.Sc Computer Science degree may not suffice. Upon completion, students are encouraged to pursue postgraduate studies in fields such as Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. Programs like M.Sc, MCA, and specialized certifications offer excellent avenues for B.Sc Computer Science graduates. Additionally, graduates can explore career opportunities in various sectors, including software development, IT consulting, cybersecurity, and more. Those inclined towards immediate employment can secure junior-level positions in software development, system administration, and related domains. Moreover, opportunities exist in public sector enterprises and government departments for B.Sc Computer Science graduates.

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