Apparel & fashion Designing

Bachelor of Apparel & fashion Designing


The Department of Fashion Design, a flagship program of Rathinam, was established in 2015, with well expert faculty team of versatile expertise in disciplines like Textile Sciences, Sketching, Fashion studies, Pattern making and sewing, Innovative draping, and Fashion business management with a vision to equip students to successfully establish a stronghold in the constantly evolving Fashion Industry.

The program is inter disciplinary in nature with its main focus on design conceptualization, garment construction and fashion practice as an entrepreneur through both academics and experiential Learning. Our holistic curriculum is interlaced with classroom academics and real time industrial learning exposure through our in-house incubation fashion design studio APHRODITE’S DRAPE which enables our students to build a strong command over the craft and the intricacies involved in the fashion business.

The curated workshops, seminars, guest lectures and field trips are designed with a goal to guide your baby steps into global fashion industry. The departments is well equipped with exclusive Draping lab, Sewing lab, Textile dyeing and Testing lab, Sketching lab, CAD lab and a Design Studio to enhance the skills of the students.

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science in Apparel Fashion Designing is a three-year undergraduate program offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, a unit of TIPS Global Institute affiliated with Bharathiyar University. Throughout the B.Sc Apparel Fashion Designing course, students are immersed in core subjects related to fashion design and apparel production. 

This program typically spans six semesters, during which students delve into topics such as garment construction, textile science, fashion illustration, pattern making, merchandising, and more.

This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry and fosters creative skills essential for success in the field.

Strength of the Department

In today’s competitive job market, a B.Sc in Apparel Fashion Designing alone may not suffice. Upon completion, students are encouraged to pursue postgraduate studies in fields such as Fashion Design, Textile Design, or Fashion Marketing. Programs like M.Sc, MA, or specialized certifications offer excellent avenues for B.Sc Apparel Fashion Designing graduates. Additionally, graduates can explore career opportunities in various sectors, including fashion houses, apparel manufacturing companies, retail brands, and fashion consultancies. Those seeking immediate employment can secure junior-level positions in fashion design studios, garment production units, or retail outlets. Moreover, opportunities exist in public sector enterprises and government departments for B.Sc Apparel Fashion Designing graduates

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