Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Designing


B.Sc. Interior Design, at TIPSCAS follows a studio based Design curriculum that encompasses design thinking, design process – principles and tools, materials and technology, user and market analysis, sustainable practices, communication, visualization and model making skills, analysis and reflection. The objective of this program is not only to prepare students to enter the multifaceted profession of interior design, but also to become contributing members of a global market with a spirit of service and commitment to sustainable design practices. A challenging coursework replete with theory, research and practice, the curriculum makes full use of visualization tools, computer technologies, community interactions, industry workshops and professional seminars to provide an enriching experience for our students.

The Work-Study program in Entrepreneurship and Interior Design offers an unprecedented combination of a thorough and in-depth knowledge of interior design along with hands-on-experience gained through exposure to live projects during their course of study.

About the Department

B.Sc Interior Design is a three-year undergraduate program offered by TIPS College of Arts and Science, a unit of TIPS Global Institute affiliated with Bharathiyar University. Throughout the course, students delve into core subjects related to interior design and architecture.

The program typically spans six semesters, covering topics such as spatial design, architectural drafting, furniture design, lighting techniques, materials and finishes, and project management.

This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of spatial aesthetics and functionality, while also fostering strong communication and presentation skills.

Strength of the Department

In today’s competitive job market, a B.Sc Interior Design degree alone may not suffice. After completing the undergraduate degree, students are encouraged to pursue postgraduate studies or specialized certifications in fields such as Interior Architecture, Environmental Design, or Sustainable Design. Options like M.Sc, MA, or professional certifications offer excellent pathways for B.Sc Interior Design graduates.

Additionally, graduates can explore career opportunities in various sectors, including interior design firms, architectural studios, real estate companies, and construction firms. Those seeking immediate employment can find entry-level positions as interior designers, design assistants, or CAD technicians. Moreover, opportunities exist in public sector undertakings and government departments for B.Sc Interior Design graduates

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